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“Latissimus Dorsi”
Iron, Birchwood, Rubber thread, salt crystals in resin, coatings
540h X 370w X 150d
Project in collaboration with: Kitty van der Veer

“GRB-213” (three studies of a humanoid) ’19
Lino print on paper, wood panels, coatings, epoxy resin
triptych: 50w x 55 h in cm

“Surrogate Head” ’18
Styrofoam, Pvc thread, iron, nails and coatings
105w x 115d x 230h in cm

“Stepping Stone”  (Zarathustra’s legs) ’18
Styrofoam, Pvc thread, nails and coatings
80w x 120d x 170h in cm

“La Pensée Unique” (Unity Thinking) ’19
Pvc thread, nails, Polystyreen, Led and Rope
110w x 30d x 210h in cm

“El sombrero de Bruja” (The Witcheshat) ’19
(Leyenda Negra Series)
Styrofoam, Pvc thread, Nails, Coatings, Chain, Trafficcone
140h x 40b x 30d in cm (excl. pedestal)

“El Coco” (The Boogeyman) ’16
(Leyenda Negra Series)
Styrofoam, Nails, Pvc thread, Coatings
40wx30dx130h in cm (excl. pedestal)

” El Escape” ’18
(Leyenda Negra Series)
Plaster, Concrete, PUR-foam, Polyester, Coatings, Pvc thread, Nails, Umbrella
210h x 80b x 60d in cm (incl. pedestal)

“Nostalgic for the Future” (Bust of FM 2030) ’15
Plaster and coating
40wx30dx70h in cm (excl. pedestal)

“Without skin” (Tampa Kulit) ’18
Linocut print on carbon
100h x 65b (excl. frame)

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